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People who guested on Sesame Street or The Muppet Show often mentioned this phenomenon in interviews. 

I’m reminded of a possibly apocryphal story where a talk show was doing a Kermit the Frog guest spot, and the sound technicians couldn’t figure out why the audio pickup was so terrible – until they realised that they’d unthinkingly attached the wireless mic to the puppet rather than the voice actor.

re: why am I following you – I think I started following you because we have a mutual friend who reblogs a lot of your stuff, and I was like WOW THIS PERSON IS P COOL. But I stayed because you’re a totally awesome nerd and I dig that

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Concept: due to a misprinted sigil in a popular occult reference book, every time the local highschool goths try to summon something at the cemetery down the road, the conjured entity ends up in your bathroom instead.

The first time it happens, you freak out.

You think that’s pretty understandable. Adjusting to a new house in a new neighbourhood, and a new job at the same time, are all pretty stressful things. The previous owner had warned you that sometimes the bathroom got a little too hot – a fault with the heating distribution, he’d said; fucking asshole – but fire and brimstone hadn’t exactly been covered by that description.

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@copperbadge, I feel like this might be something that could reasonably have happened to you, lol!  The Murder wall would be nothing compared to this.  😀

Aw, that was fun! It’s true that you just get used to stuff like that as a homeowner, I think. I don’t even notice the wonky tiles in the kitchen anymore. 

I would go on some kind of quest to find the summoners though. Surely the demon could tell me where they were and I could take the imp-bashing stick and have A Discussion With Them About Property Values. 

It got better!