British men troll The Sun over its cleavage contest

The Sun announced a contest Wednesday asking women to send in their cleavage self-portraits — the plan backfired completely, of course. British men especially showed the paper the error of their ways. But if you think asking for cleavage selfies is bad on its own, wait till you see the other requirements the Sun had.

A Tasting Menu of Female Representation:



The Bechdel:

two or more women talking to each other about something other than a man

The Mako Mori:

at least one female character with her own narrative arc that is not about supporting a man’s story

The Sexy Lamp:

a female character that cannot be removed from the plot and replaced with a sexy lamp without destroying the story.

Chef’s Specials:

The Anti-Freeze:

no woman assaulted, injured or killed to further the story of another character.

The “Strength is Relative”:

complex women defined by solid characterization rather than a handful of underdeveloped masculine-coded stereotypes.