Geek Girls Rule! #407 – Accountability


Geek Girls Rule! #407 – Accountability

So, this is a thing.  I have talked about Accountability for the male members of Geek Culture here, before.  I have on occasion named names, but even more frequently I have alluded to incidents without directly naming people.

A lot of other women do this, too.  While calling for accountability, we are not making sure that the men who need to be called out, are.  A lot of the time, the allusion is…

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do you ever sit and think about your female ancestors and like how many of them endured forced marriages, sexual abuse, physical violence and complete deprivation of education and autonomy and suffered silently for literally centuries. going through pregnancies and child birth without modern medicine, having multiple children and watching most of them die before the age of five because that was just the way of life back then? and ultimately you are a product of their pain? i think about them a lot and then i think about how many women continue to share their reality in this current year 

it has been a long week and i am very tired



















pls show me your cats

this is Buster, showing us her very dirty feet.

This is Dany. He has anxiety, but he’s full of love.

This is Tally, a 10 yo 18 pound Maine Coon, who will let you use her tummy for a pillow when you’re sad, and will just purr & groom you until you feel better 💕

This is Jareth, a rescue who advises you to consider the benefits of a good long nap

This is Miss Noir. Her hobbies include being besties with the food bag, running away from things in fear, and stairstep lurking.

This is Miss Nicole. Her hobbies include being an immense asshole.

This is Uno. He thinks things are gonna be okay. I intend to believe him.

This is Kit. He likes chasing bugs, digging in his litter box, and being aggressively cuddly.

this is crookshanks she’s orange

this is Keyes he’s my lead strategist

this is toast, hes a cool dude

This is Rosie. She’s loud because she’s full of bees

This is Sweety he is very large

This is Khensu he belongs to my neighbors he’s half Maine coon I hang out with him when he gets lonely

This is little cat, she loves headbutts and standing on people


this is Elly she’s very soft and a butthole

This is Lunatic; she’s crazy for boxes.

This is Smooch; he has only one eye and enjoys making mudcrab noises.

This is Scarlett – she ignores boxes and catnip, but snuggles with me and purrs me to sleep at least 4 nights out of 7.