Your Friday morning reading… Tom Hiddleston interviewed by Benedict Cumberbatch!

These two really need to star together in a remake of Interview With The Vampire. A less cheesy remake – a very, very dark remake.

OMG yes! YES!!!

Tom has to play Lestat.  HAS TO. 


Cthulhu fhtagn, lets have some tarts! One of our favorite geektastic bakers, thePieous (previously featured here), created a mouthwatering recipe for Strawberry Cthulhu Pie Toppers and Tarts. The strawberry Dread Cthulhu also works beautifully as an all-purpose sanity-shattering dessert topper.

They’re sure to please the Great Old Ones and their cultists alike. And if the Elder Gods don’t like them? Well…we probably won’t be around long enough to be able to regret baking them.

Head over to Pies are Awesome for the complete recipe and instructions.

Follow thePieous on Instagram for plenty more awesomely geeky baking projects.

[via That’s Nerdalicious!]