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wait wait wait do you mean to tell me that there are places where i can get cheerios in a little portable to-go bag why don’t i live there i want some

Autocomplete in my address bar is a good thing.  I just type one or two letters and my most visited websites fill in.   “F” takes me to Facebook, “fl” to flickr, “t” to tumblr, “tw” to twitter, and so on and so forth.  Except for youtube.  I type in Y and this comes up as the first entry and I have to scroll down to get to youtube.


Which I guess is not a really bad thing, right?

Okay, vet clinic AU/Sherlock!


“Doctor Watson?  He’s back again.”  

“Thank you, Marcus.  Put him in room two and I’ll see him after I finish the paperwork.”  Joan took her time finishing the file in front of her and tucked it in the cabinet outside her office as she made her way down to the exam room.

Sherlock Holmes — such an odd man.  Brusque but not frustratingly so. Homeless but not dangerously so — he had a squat that he’d manage to get heat and running water for, and wouldn’t she just love to learn how.  Clearly an addict, but managing both for himself and for his endless stream of pets; lately it’d been pigeons, dozens of them, that he said were better communications than a dozen cell phones and better watchdogs than most dogs.

“What is it today, Mr. Holmes?”  He was surprisingly bird-free, and she gestured for him to take a seat.

“I’ve brought no one with me,” he said, fidgeting with the buttons on his cuffs.  "I’ve brought a bit of a mystery, instead.  And photographs.  How are you with fish?“


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Sam’s offhand mention of Harry Potter leads to Castiel’s inability to shut up about the same.  It’s self defense then, really, when Dean finally takes him to the bookstore in search of some non-research material to read.  He nearly trips over Castiel when he comes to an impromptu stop just inside the door, looking around with wide-eyed curiosity and murmuring, “There are so many books here, Dean.”

Hoping to make it a quick trip, Dean leads Cas to the correct section and points out which books are Harry Potter.  Castiel looks them over, fingertip trailing down the spines of each one in turn before his attention is pulled to something on the shelf above.  Dean scans the titles and points out various books he thinks Castiel would like; each suggestion met by increasingly peevish “thank you”s until he gets the message.

“I’m just gonna leave you here to look, Cas,” he says, raising his hands in the universal sign for ‘don’t take your inability to find a book you wanna read out on me’ before pointing to the rows of shorter racks in the center of the store and adding, “I’ll be over there in the magazines if you need me.”

Castiel nods as he pulls a book that was not Dean’s suggestion down from the shelf and Dean can’t help a little chuckle as he walks away.  He makes his way up and down the long rows of magazines until he finds the music section.  He picks up the magazines one by one and flips through them, reading ads for sweet guitars and stopping to read the occasional interview before returning it to the shelf.

By the time he makes it to the car magazines, Dean has completely forgotten he entered with the task of finding Castiel something to read.  He pulls over a seat and goes through the magazines with a little more care, lingering on pages with particularly beautiful models; whether they’re human or automotive models doesn’t make a difference.  A long while later, he puts down the final magazine; chest filled with pride that his Baby is way better than any car in any of them.

With a couple of issues he wants to take home for further investigation stuffed under his arm, he returns to where he left Castiel.  Only Cas isn’t there.  Nor is he on the aisles on either side.  A familiar sense of dread twists in Dean’s chest as he starts to walk, glancing down every aisle in search of the angel.  He goes so far as to stop people walking by to ask whether they’ve seen “a guy about this tall, dark hair, blue eyes” but no one has.

Panic is rising like a fist around Dean’s stomach when he finally finds Cas in the back corner of the store, sitting in the middle of an aisle surrounded by at least twenty open books.

“Cas,” he breathes with a mix of annoyance and relief.  “I thought you were-”

Castiel looks up, his mouth set in a thin, displeased line and his hair standing out as though he’s been running his fingers through it over and over.  His eyes narrow as raises his gaze, a glare so withering Dean takes a reflexive step backward to get away from it.

“What’s wrong?” Dean asks quickly, putting his lecture on the back burner.

Castiel lifts one of the books, the cover emblazoned with a golden-scripted “Holy Bible” and growls, “Who wrote this?”






Steve Irwin in a Jaeger would be entertaining.

Look over there. There’s a Catergory 3 Kaiju. Biggest one yet. 

Ah’m gonna wrassle with it. 

#yeah but who’s his drift partner. a crocodile. just a crocodile. its not a special or humanoid croc its literally just a croc strapped in.


PAGING seananmcguire!!!!!! OH MY GOD.



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