Today marks the end to Costoberfest 2014! We want to thank the over 300 cosplayers and costumers who submitted this year; you made our decisions so difficult. This year, Thor and Loki have been overwhelmingly popular as cosplay submissions, so in celebration, we introduce you to Baby Thor, Megan Woods as Thor, Scarlett & Artie as Thor and Loki and Kit Jensen as Valkyrie!

Photos provided by Aftinn Lyons of Opal FirePhotography, Charmaine Morgan, Jamie Haney and Amanda Waltman.

Make sure you tune into for even more cosplay & costuming throughout the year and see you in 2015!

Go Kit!

How One Man Donned a Unitard and Pumpkin Head and Changed Halloween Forever.


The program had a nominal budget ($1,000 for the year) to create 22 minutes of programming five nights a week. Geiler and his producers often had to improvise last-minute to fill the show. In the days leading up to Halloween 2006, they pitched several ideas, including grown men falling down in a pumpkin patch, a fictional murder mystery, and dressing up as grandmothers for a cooking segment.

Then there was the pièce de résistance: “I’ve got this one thing where I put on a unitard and a pumpkin head and dance at people’s graves,” Geiler recalls pitching his manager, thinking it would never fly. “I want to call it ‘Happy Jack: The Grave Dancer.’” 

“Great,” the manager responded. 

How One Man Donned a Unitard and Pumpkin Head and Changed Halloween Forever.


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