also like 10-15 years from now I hope someone makes one of those inspirational sports movies except it’s a 50 year old woman who wants to play competitive online games and everyone tells her she can’t because she’s too old, her reflexes are too slow, etc, and she gets this grizzled trainer except they’re a 19 year old kid who had a promising career until carpal tunnel syndrome ruined their chances of becoming the world champion so they train her and she fuckin wins, the end. movie of the year.

the love interest for the burn-out trainer is a female engineer who builds the gamer a special console for the elderly, which becomes their multimillion dollar product after it gets huge visibility at the Big Gamer Competition.

Kylux Reverse Bang Chat Party!


Hello everyone! The chat party is now live.

Before you join the chat, please read over the following rules:

  1. We reserve the right to remove anyone who may not be following
    the rules from the chat. We’ll warn you first, but if you don’t get it
    together you will be removed.
  2. We are doing this to come together as a community and support each other. Above all else, be kind.
  3. Remember
    that some of our awesome members are minors. I’m not telling you that
    you aren’t allowed to swear (try and stop me) or share headcanons or
    whatever else, just remember that the person you’re speaking to might be
    underage so you should conduct yourself appropriately.
  4. If you’re an artist, please keep your prompt anonymous!
  5. Please do
    not start hating on characters or ships.
  6. The chat will go
    on for most of the day and finish when the mods get tired! People are,
    of course, welcome to continue their chat elsewhere (setting up a room
    is quick and easy).
  7. Sign in with whatever name you want to go by, but if it’s related to your tumblr name it’s easier for us to identify each other.
  8. Mods will be identified in their usernames.

Everyone is welcome – writers, artists, and spectators!

To enter the chat, click HERE.

still going on!

Local tearoom beloved by Villagers forced to close after work visas pulled |

The United States government is shutting down Polly’s
Pantry Restaurant and Tearoom, its owners claim. The popular Wildwood
eatery must close Saturday, after a decade of operation due to work visa
problems of English owners Polly and John Bennett.

They will lose their business, their home and adopted country.

“On Good Friday (April 14) we received notice from the Department of
Homeland Security that we had two weeks to close because our work visas
would not be renewed,” said a crestfallen Tricia “Polly” Bennett.

She and her husband are from England and renovated the building at 819
S. Main St. (near U.S. 301 and State Road 44) in Wildwood, about 10
years ago. Over that time thousands of Villagers have been served there.

“I want to stay in America, but I can’t,” Bennett
added, near tears. “I don’t want to be an illegal immigrant. I love
America. My husband and I have had an American flag in our house all our
married lives.”

Local tearoom beloved by Villagers forced to close after work visas pulled |




Han and Ben disguise themselves to infiltrate the First Order in search of plans for Starkiller Base. Things don’t go to plan, of course.

This gifset that I made almost a year ago popped up in my activity feed today, and the words followed:

The Falcon blew through the trees and skidded
across the snow, landing only a few meters from a cliff edge.
Unclenching his hands from the console, Ben scowled.  “If I’d done
something like that I’d have heard about it for years, dad.”

“Well, you don’t have my decades of experience, kid.”

“I’m not a kid anymore. And besides, I’ve got the Force.”

“Yeah, yeah. Can we get a move on? We’ve still got to get to the shield generator.”

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morning reblog!

I had to go back and add to this, because I couldn’t diverge so far from canon and leave out Finn.

They’d almost reached the access door where they left their speeders when Ben froze.



“Poe’s here! We have to rescue him.”

“This is starting to get really familiar. Where is he?”

“This way!”

As they ran through the corridors, blaster fire exploded from around the next corner.

kid …” Han started, but Ben charged ahead, lightsaber blazing. By the
time Han caught up, stormtrooper parts covered the floor. Staggering
down the corridor towards them, arm slung over the shoulder of a
helmetless trooper, Poe Dameron grinned.

“Ben! I can’t believe it!”

“Poe! I knew you were still alive. I knew it.” Poe nearly collapsed and the trooper caught him.

“This is Finn. He helped me escape.”

later,” Han growled. “With the shield down, the Resistance will start
pounding this installation any moment now. The longer we’re here the
less luck we’re gonna have. We gotta get back to the Falcon. C’mon!”

shook his head. “Even with the shield down, they won’t be able to get
through the plating on the oscillator. It’s built to withstand small

“I told you I had a bad feeling about this.”

Ben rolled his eyes and turned to Finn. “Any way we could breach it from down here?”

“Well, there’s a demo locker two floors down. We could blow it out from the inside.”

“I like the way this kid thinks! Let’s move.” Gesturing with his blaster, Han fell in behind Finn. “Lead the way.”

12-year-old girl asked to change out of “seductive” dress to continue in chess tournament

Asking whether the dress is
white and gold or black and blue is so 2016. The new question is: Is
this dress too “seductive” for a 12-year-old?

On Thursday, Kaushal Khandhar took to Facebook to
post a story about a chess tournament in Putrajaya, Malaysia, in which a
12-year-old girl was asked to change out of a striped dress deemed too
“seductive” for the tournament.

to Khandhar, during round two, the chief arbiter of the competition told
his student that the dress she was wearing violated the tournament’s dress code. He added that the dress was “seductive” and a “temptation from a certain angle far, far away.”

to the Facebook post, the arbiter later apologized and said she could
join the next round if she went and bought a new outfit, but by the time
he relayed the message, stores nearby were closed and would not be open
again in time for the next day’s round of the competition.

12-year-old girl asked to change out of “seductive” dress to continue in chess tournament