Some better pictures of my new tiny ball python Cecil, with a nip bottle for scale~

Bonus silly yawn  :3

i thought it was a big bottle before i read the caption

omg so smol

bebe snek


Played the Arbor Wilds again the other day and I was once again disappointed that Celyse couldn’t show, like, ANY sort of support towards poor Cullen who, according to soldiers, has been up for like 2 days at this point, with only an hour or so of sleep. PLUS he like gets hurt in the fight while you’re there and still keeps on fighting. I mean SERIOUSLY >_< So I did a short comic about what would have actually happened 😛

Celyse usually isn’t one for the PDA (I mean, aside from the ramparts kisses ^_- ) so this would be something very special, coming from her and in this situation. Hey, Cullen gave her his lucky coin, he needs something for luck too ^_-

Enjoy! ^___^

You can read this comic on Deviant Art too!


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