#5 for the End Of Year meme?


#5 Which of your fics do you wish was more successful?

Oh gosh. Well honestly, there are two of them

A Sea of Golden Leaves is the first. It’s my Benarmie fic. It’s gen, and I think that might have hurt it a little. I’m really proud of it – I actually want to turn it into something I could send in to magazines.

At the Edge of Vision is the other. It’s the most emotionally involved I’ve ever gotten in writing fiction, and I feel like it came out really well. But it does have monster Hux in it, and I think that hurt it a little.

End of Year Fic-Writer Asks!

End Of Year Fic-Writer ask meme:


This has been a long, weird year, and if you’re like me, you wrote a whole whack of fic over the course of it. So here’s a bunch of questions to ask about that:

  1. What’s your personal favourite thing you wrote this year?
  2. What’s your least favourite thing you wrote this year?
  3. Which of your fics was most different from what you usually write?
  4. Which of your fics this year was most successful?
  5. Which of your fics do you wish was more successful?
  6. What’s your favourite piece of dialogue you wrote this year?
  7. What’s your favourite piece of description or narration?
  8. Which fic this year was most fun to write?
  9. If you could go back and change something about one of the fics you wrote this year, what would it be?
  10. What, if anything, are you going to try to do differently in your writing in the new year?

Our Hero

Bodhi tugged at the collar of his shirt as it
threatened to strangle him. Someone had scrounged up clothing for all of
them, and the black robe he’d been given was a bit too tight at the
neck and a bit too short in the sleeves, but it was clean and didn’t
have any holes or dirt or bloodstains on it, unlike the only other
outfit he owned. They were all dressed in someone else’s clothes, in
fact, except for Baze, who refused to wear anything but his armor. It
had been polished at some point, at least, and he’d scrubbed the dust
and soot from his face. Even K-2SO had gotten his paint touched up, the
Rebellion symbol bright red against the black on each shoulder.

gestured them forwards as the giant doors swung open and music started
to play, and everyone in the vast courtyard was staring at him. Well,
they were staring at him and Jyn and Cassian and Baze and Chirrut and
K-2SO, and those other three, the Wookiee, the blonde guy and the one
with dark hair and the smirk whose names he kept forgetting, but they
were still staring and the combined weight of all those strangers’ eyes
landed on his shoulders. He couldn’t look up at them, could only stare
at his feet, and besides that meant he wouldn’t trip as they walked
along the path up to where Princess Leia Organa waited.

He glanced
up once and then shrunk back in on himself again. What was he even
doing here? And then he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“This would never have happened if it wasn’t for you,” Cassian said. “None of us would be here.”

let his arm drop, gesturing to the people around them. “Look at them.
They’re all alive because of you. Because you listened to Galen and you
believed. You took Galen’s message and you brought it to Saw, and we
came to find you. You, Bodhi Rook. You took a chance, and you gave us
one. None of this would have happened without you. We’d all be dead if
it wasn’t for you. So hold your head up high, hero.”

They were
almost to the pavilion, and the ground shook as the assembly turned as
one to face the dais, and he hadn’t tripped after all and maybe the
stares weren’t that bad. The princess smiled at him, a vision in white,
and Cassian pushed him forward so he stood in front of all of them. He
remembered to bow after the princess settled the medal around his neck
but didn’t remember a single word spoken after that, as he looked out at
the crowd, the weight of the medal against his chest an anchor as each
of his comrades step forward in turn. Chirrut said something that made
the princess laugh. The Wookiee had to kneel so she could get the ribbon
over his head and an R2 unit squealed in excitement when he rose,
bouncing back and forth behind the princess.

When at last they all
stood together, shoulder to shoulder, hands somehow in hands, the
cheers of the crowd washed over and through him and he felt himself
straighten, standing tall next to his friends.

“We did it,” he murmured, and Cassian heard him over the crowd, squeezing his hand.

we did.” It wasn’t over by a long shot, he knew. The Death Star was
destroyed, but the Empire wasn’t defeated, but they had survived, all of
them, and they would keep on fighting. It just took one person, Galen
had said, and here he was.  Here they all were.  He didn’t know what
tomorrow would bring, what the future had in store for him, but there
was one thing he did know.  He wouldn’t be facing it alone.

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For the End Of Year writer meme – #6?


6. What’s your favourite piece of dialogue you wrote this year?

From Life Through Glass: Hux trying to seem nonchalant about his new neighbour and realising just how much he’s learned about the man.

“Oh nice, anyone interesting?” Phasma craned her neck, peering across. There was no movement in the opposite flat and Hux found himself feeling slightly grateful. Heat was rising on the back of his neck and ears and he gulped down his wine, trying to seem nonchalant.

“Just a guy. Dark hair, tall. Doesn’t seem to own any shirts,” Hux smiled, “I think he paints or something,” he took another drink before continuing on. “He works almost as late as I do. I’ve noticed him coming home once or twice.” Phasma’s eyebrows raised in a delicate arch, a smirk forming as she sipped her drink, watching Hux get more and more animated as he spoke. “Plays a lot of rock music when he’s working out, but you know, not at inconsiderate hours, he’s quite good that way. He always turns it down when Millie’s at the window, he must not want to scare her, which is very considerate for someone I’ve never even met- what?”

Phasma’s eyes glinted as she topped up his glass, smile spreading like the warmth of alcohol through Hux’s body, “You fancy him.”

“Do not.”

Hux answered quickly, well aware of the blush spreading across his ears. 

End of year fic writer asks

yesterday i met a fanfic grandmom


i work at a clothing retailer. i generally connect pretty well with my customers and we talk about a lot of things beyond just the clothing. well the other day i was talking to a coworker/a customer and i mentioned I’m a Slytherin . (don’t ask how it came up in conversation i forget).

the customers (40-50 ish?) eyes lit up and she mentioned she was a Ravenclaw which of COURSE led into a whole HP discussion (which my coworker bowed out of because she doesn’t do HP). next thing I know myself, this customer, and her mother (aprox 60-70 years old) and I are now discussing fandoms in general. the grandmother smiles and bashfully admits that she writes fanfiction for her favorite tv show Emergency!.

guys, GUYS this was a show in the 70′s! and she’s STILL writing fanfiction about it! she has ships! she has a community! i wanted to hug her! i wanted to give her ao3 and be like WRITE! I WILL GET INTO THIS SHOW JUST TO ENCOURAGE YOU!

never, ever let someone tell you that you are too old to write fanfiction! never stop loving your fandom! never let go of your ships! there is a little old lady in ohio who write slashfic for a tv show that ended in the 70′s and still has people who like ehr work!

Dear Tumblr, can you help?



Okay. So. Tonight I got to temple, and I was surprised by someone telling me they’d come to support us “because of what happened last week.” I thought they must mean the first night of Chanukkah.

It was the first night of Chanukkah, all right. http://www.jewishaz.com/community/sun-city-synagogue-vandalized/article_365a4416-cc88-11e6-9a59-87818fddc241.html

A few days later, a local couple who had a similar chanukkiyah in their yard woke up to find someone had twisted its stems into a swastika. There’s no doubt in our minds what happened to our temple is a hate crime.

The level of evil required to destroy a Holocaust memorial, on a major day of celebration for most of the country no less, just boggles my mind. It’s even worse to me because our Torah reader is himself a Holocaust survivor. I don’t know if the vandals knew that, but just … how could you? How could you?

You guys probably know where this post is going, so I’ll get to the point.


It costs a lot of money to fix a memorial when someone rammed it with a truck and tried to pull it out of the ground, money we don’t have. My temple has maybe 100 people in attendance on a good night.

Can you help my temple? Can you donate, reblog, or both? I’ve already got part of my next paycheck earmarked to donate in a few days, but I feel like I’ve got to do something, and friends and neighbors can only help us so much.

Donated. This is not ok.