I’m curious your thoughts on this. As a reader, I often find typos in fan fiction. Part of feels like I should say something, everyone hates typos. But on the other hand, is it rude? Is it one of those things that comes off condescending no matter what?



Ok, let’s start with…. I’m currently on the seventh draft of a novel and yesterday I found a typo. What should have been ‘chance’ was ‘change’. I’ve read this over a dozen times and it has had over half a dozen outside readers. No one caught that.

If you are used to reading books, you need to understand any professionally published book has gone through the hands of proofreaders and copy editors who get PAID to find errors (and yet who among us hasn’t found a typo in a book?)

When you are reading fanfic you are reading the amateur offerings of someone writing in their spare time. Even if they have a beta reader, as my chance/change issue illustrates, people miss things. They miss them repeatedly. And no money has been exchanged.

Every author is going to feel differently. Fanfic writers are not a hive mind. Some people are pleased to hear about the dropped period in a fic they wrote five years ago.

Me? If it’s a chapter I posted very recently, I’ll go and fix it. Probably. But maybe not. Certainly not if it’s an old story.

And the bulk of the time, reviewers who feel the need to point out typos don’t say anything else and what I HEAR from those comments is, “You wrote a 200,000 word story but it’s all trash because of typos.”

Personally, the only time I point out ANYTHING negative is if I have been asked to alpha or beta read. Why would I dump on a fanwork, created and shared as a hobby?

For the record, if you spot minor typos post-publish, I’m all for letting me know–I occasionally do the whole “retype entire document” method of final edits and then am too tired and punchy to, umm, remember that I also need to do a final spellcheck. Okay, actually, I only did that the once, but still. In the event that I fail to learn from my mistakes, please poke me. Pref via text or a message, depending on your ability to contact me.

Look, I’m a professional editor person and yet AHAHAHAHAHA, guess who found two missing words and a missing question mark in something that has been live for ages the other day. (I re-read my things periodically to remind myself that sometimes I know how words work and also because OMGWTFBBQ HOW DID THAT TYPO GET MISSED?)

Nothing kills the “i got a comment!!!” buzz faster than “despite all the typos I really enjoyed this.”

(Yes, I really have gotten that comment)

(i fixed two typos before hitting reblog)

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