@saltandlimes tagged me in both a first line and a last line meme.

First line: First Lieutenant Landon Handy had mastered the
art of not rolling his eyes years ago.
 (original sci fi story i may finish sometime in the next five years)

Last line: It would have been too easy to revert to his earlier patterns, but some perverse impulse kept him from regressing.

(Baymax fic progresses)

The deal is you’re to tag as many people as there are words in the last line. Um. That’d be 20 people? And I’m really horrible about tagging. So you. Yes, you! You want to play? Tag! You’re it.


Well, I wrote a whole three sentences today on a fic I haven’t touched in a year. It sounds bad, but I’m still counting it as a success.

Now I’m just suffering from the problem of knowing where I want it to go, but nt knowing how to get here.

I’ve dusted off a few really old fics in the last month too. At this rate I might get a chapter written in one of them by the end of the year, but still. Progress!



Is it just me or does the frame rate get higher when you step inside a Costco

It’s because everything comes in bulk there and costco has really good object instancing so it only has to construct the VBO for each kind of product once and then reshade it for individual instances, which gets you a big framerate improvement over the parking lot where one million unique cars are in view at any given time




“Bisexuals in het relatonships shouldn’t be at pride” is literally the same as parents accepting their bisexual kids “as long as they only date the opposite sex”

it boils down to “we accept you as long as ignore your true identity and act like youre just like us”

this is not acceptance it is biphobia



Bisexual people are welcome at Pride whatever the gender of the person they are dating, end of story

Same goes for trans people who are not in a same sex relationship

Pride is for ALL people who are LGBTQIA

Trump is quietly moving at a furious pace to secure ‘the single most important legacy’ of his administration

When it comes to nominating judges to the federal bench, Trump is
moving at a breakneck pace. And the number of nominees for vacant US
attorney positions, a crucial area, is dwarfing that of the past
administration this early on.

On the federal bench, virtually all the vacancies Trump has been rushing to fill are lifetime appointments.

“This will be the single most important legacy of the Trump
administration,” Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware, a member of
the Senate Judiciary Committee, told Business Insider. “They will
quickly be able to put judges on circuit courts all over the country,
district courts all over the country, that will, given their youth and
conservatism, will have a significant impact on the shape and trajectory
of American law for decades.

"I do think this deserves more attention given the consequence, the
significance of what will eventually be a wholesale change among the
federal judiciary,” he continued.

While only three of Trump’s nominees for the federal bench, aside
from Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, have been confirmed by the
Judiciary Committee to date, the sheer number of nominees he has sent to
the committee — both for federal judgeships and US attorney slots — is

Through July 14, roughly a week shy of Trump’s six-month anniversary
in office, he had nominated 18 people for district judgeship vacancies,
14 for circuit courts and the Court of Federal Claims, and 23 for US
attorney slots. During that same timeframe in President Barack Obama’s
first term, Obama had nominated just four district judges, five appeals
court judges, and 13 US attorneys. In total, Trump nominated 55 people,
and Obama just 22.

“What strikes me about the Trump administration’s judicial-nomination process is how quickly they have moved,” Coons said.

Trump is quietly moving at a furious pace to secure ‘the single most important legacy’ of his administration