Analysis | The facts about Trump’s policy of separating families at the border

Administration officials have
pointed to “the law” as the reason why undocumented children are being
separated from their parents. But there’s no such law.

The president and top administration officials say
U.S. laws or court rulings are forcing them to separate families that
are caught trying to cross the southern border.

claims are false. Immigrant families are being separated primarily
because the Trump administration in April began to prosecute as many
border-crossing offenses as possible. This “zero-tolerance policy” applies to all adults, regardless of whether they cross alone or with their children.

The Justice Department can’t prosecute children
along with their parents, so the natural result of the zero-tolerance
policy has been a sharp rise in family separations. Nearly 2,000
immigrant children were separated from parents during six weeks in April
and May, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Trump administration implemented this policy by choice and could end it
by choice. No law or court ruling mandates family separations. In fact,
during its first 15 months, the Trump administration released nearly 100,000 immigrants
who were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border, a total that includes
more than 37,500 unaccompanied minors and more than 61,000 family

Analysis | The facts about Trump’s policy of separating families at the border

Kentucky Republicans kill bill to limit child marriage because parents should have right to marry off kids


I give you the party of “family values”

Kentucky Republicans kill bill to limit child marriage because parents should have right to marry off kids

How many times do we have to play this game? When a new policy debate emerges, Democrats try to make an argument that has some connection to reality, while Republicans make absurd claims in the knowledge that even if they get debunked in the occasional “news analysis” piece, on the whole they’ll be treated with complete seriousness, no matter how ridiculous they are.

It’s in part because lies about the future — and that’s what they are when you know that what you’re saying is utterly bogus — will not be policed with nearly the same vigor as lies about the past. If Trump claims that he had the largest inaugural crowd in history, it will immediately get shot down and subject to mockery even from neutral reporters. But if he says that all the benefits of his corporate tax cut will flow to workers, which is no less a lie, it will usually be met with “Critics question whether there is evidence to support his assertion.” When Republicans said that their tax cut wouldn’t increase the deficit because it would create so much economic growth that revenue would actually increase, it was treated as a questionable claim, not an assertion on par with “If I flap my arms, I can fly to the moon” or “With a week of training, my dog will be able to do a perfect rendition of ‘Enter Sandman’ on the electric guitar.”

Carrier Plant Trump ‘Rescued’ Will Lay Off Hundreds

Despite assurances from President Donald Trump during his campaign
that he would prevent the air-conditioner maker Carrier from moving jobs
to Mexico, the company will lay off hundreds of workers at its Indianapolis, Indiana, plant by 22 December 2017.

The company informed state officials
in a 19 May 2017 letter that it would terminate 632 positions over the
course of the year. Carrier originally said that 338 employees would be
let go in July, another four on 1 October 2017, and the last 290 workers
would be laid off on 22 December 2017.

However, the company later reportedly adjusted its plans, opting to release 215 workers on 11 January 2018 instead, just after the 2017 holiday season.

Carrier Plant Trump ‘Rescued’ Will Lay Off Hundreds

CHIP is Still Expired





CHIP is healthcare for 9 million children. 

It is a 20 year old program, that has always had wide bipartisan support. 

It was allowed to expire on October 1st. 

The existing funding should cover through the end of the year, but the lack of action on what should be an easy vote is alarming. It has been two weeks. 

It has been two months. 

CHIP funding is Still Expired. 

Children’s healthcare centers are preparing to close. 

Last time funding needed reauthorization, it was done by April. It’s currently the end of November. 

Congress has to fix this before the end of the year. 

Congress goes on vacation on December 15th. 

They still haven’t funded CHIP.

If they don’t fund it, 9 million children are going to lose their health insurance. 

It has been 66 days. 

Criminal negligence