Enough with the “Dorian hooks Cullen and the Inquisitor up” trope and more expanding on an actual magical friendship between Dorian and Cullen that doesn’t treat Dorian like the token gay friend. 

A by no means complete list:

  • Dorian and Cullen being ultra competitive with one another over almost every game or contest presented to them. Chess? Drinking? Running around the outer grounds like a pair of six year olds because Iron Bull wondered who was faster? Check.
  • Dorian backing Cullen up in council meetings, genuinely coming to trust the Commander’s instincts and knowing full well his strategies have never failed yet.
  • Cullen and Dorian getting into epic political tiffs that everyone knows full well to stay out of. 
  • Dorian cajoling Cullen to come out to the tavern with the rest of the gang more. 
  • Cullen learning about Tevinter from Dorian and Dorian sharing his vision for his country’s future. Cullen unlearning a lot of the nasty stereotypes about Tevinter and mages during this conversations. 
  • Cullen having nothing but immense respect for Dorian in his rejection of Tevinter magister life and his dedication to making necessary social changes. Understanding how hard it can be to turn your back on your entire way of life.
  • Dorian figuring out Cullen’s social anxieties and doing his best to help him deal with them. 
  • Cullen being a terrible wingman for Dorian in trying to find out with the Inquisitor likes so Dorian can impress them. The Inquisitor thinking Cullen is actually hitting on him instead and having to turn him down gently only for Cullen to have to stammer out that he was just asking for a friend! And eventually having to come clean about what he was up to. Espionage, it seems, is not his forte.
  • Cullen and Dorian both being pariahs from their old orders, finding acceptance and friendship with one another. 


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